Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered about our WPmaintain WordPress maintenance services. If you don't see an answer to your question, let us know!

After you subscribe and your order is processing, we'll get in touch to get the necessary information to maintain your WordPress website.

That information may vary for you but typically we'll need the following:

  • A WordPress admin login (preferrably not yours).
  • Install 2 plugins. One is for security and the other is for backups, updates, etc.
  • Shared view access of your Google Analytics if you'd like them in your report.
  • Your contact information for important monitoring alerts and your reports.

Your site requirements may vary, especially if your website is a multiste or eCommerce store.

No, someone is not currently available 24/7 but there are very few hours someone is not availble within daytime hours for a response within an hour, usually shorter (yes, even weekends).

We're based in California so daytime hours are typically 8 AM to 10 PM.

As we grow the plan is to offer 24/7 support for those critical events when something goes down and is costing you money. We don't like that as much as you don't.

The best way to contact us is to use our contact page. The preferred method is email because more information can be included (pictures, descriptions, URLs, etc.) but we do provide our phone number in those urgent moments when you can't wait for a reply.

If you call we will work with you the best we can but we may ask you to send an email with more details.

No. Managed WordPress hosting is a vague term that does not always include everything to keep your WordPress websit running fast & secure.

You should never rely on your host (even managed WordPress hosting) to take care of your website for you. You either need to do it yourself or pay for a service such as WPmaintain WordPress maintenance service.

First of all, we hope this never happens, but it likely will at some point which is why we're prepared for it.

During the update process we take every precaution to eliminate the possibility of a bad plugin update taking your site down. That doesn't guarantee a plugin can't create an obscure problem that we can't detect easily. That's why all our plans take regular backups in case you find an issue and need to roll your website back to an earlier backup point.

During the update process for your website, we have a process that helps us determine if an update went okay.

Here's the process:

  1. We create a restore point so we can roll back the site if necessary.
  2. Test to make sure we receive a 200 OK response from your website, if not then we stop the update.
  3. Grab a before screenshot of your website.
  4. Update core, plugins, and/or themes to the newest version.
  5. Send another test to make sure we receive a 200 OK to determine if your website still works. If not then we roll back the site to the backup point.
  6. Grab an after screenshot of your website.
  7. Analyze the before/after screenshots to make sure nothing looks off.

Yes, we're happy to restore your website to any backup point in the past as long as it's available.

If you'd like your website rolled back, please let us know the approximate date and time. We'll let you know the exact date and time a backup is available.

Yes, you absolutely must continue to pay for your plugins even with our service. Our ability to update your website with the newest plugin and theme updates hinges on support for those plugins. May developers require that you pay a yearly fee to continue receiving support and updates for the year.

Absolutely! On our Enterprise plan we will help you manage updates and testing for every update on your staging server before it goes live.

Once you sign up for the Enterprise plan we'll be in touch to figure out all the details with you and make sure we have a process in place that works for you.

We can support that for you, of course it will cost a bit more. Each multisite and the corresponding backups are separate from the main site. That means each multisite will be charged at a discounted rate either monthly or yearly.

Please contact us for multisite pricing.

Yes, we absolutely support eCommerce websites but there will be an additional charge starting at $50/month.

Please contact us so we can gather the necessary details to quote you a prices for your eCommcers WordPress website.

Absolutely. You can sign up for as many support plans as you'd like. During the signup process you will have the opportunity to increaes the number of sites you'd like supported.

We will not remove your plugin but we will monitor it for security purposes. We recommend if a plugin or theme is not longer supporte that you find a replacement for it but we do not require you to.

If we detect a red flag in a plugin on your website, we will alert you to the issue so you take the necessary actions to prevent a security issue on your website.